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Aakash Shah

Co-Founder & CEO

“Vital has been a game-changer for us, providing not only excellent customer service but also outstanding functionality. Their at-home lab testing API has streamlined our processes and allowed us to scale rapidly without compromising the quality of care we provide to our patients. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our mission to revolutionize allergy treatment.”


At-home testing was bottlenecking growth with complex operations and poor patient experience.

Wyndly fixes allergies permanently through telehealth and at-home using the same treatment patients receive in-office. As an allergy practice, meeting standard of care is paramount -- they offer the same level of care to patients as an in-office experience, but with the convenience and ease of telehealth. Vital's Labs API solved two bottlenecks to let Wyndly launch and scale from 10s to 1000s of patients per month.

Wyndly struggled to track the status of their diagnostic orders. Patients would ask to know the status of their labwork,but Wyndly had no clarity into their lab partners. It would take significant time to call the lab and track down the status of the patients labwork. Additionally, the Wyndly team had no easy way to access their patients’ labwork, as there was no single portal that had every patients’ information.

Restricted by the technology capabilities of legacy labs to provide programmatic access to results, Wyndly couldn’t build logic and triage around patients’ lab results. Each lab had to be manually reviewed and triaged by a medical assistant. There was no way to innovate on top of the standard PDFs provided by the labs without programmatic access.


Vital’s Labs API let Wyndly focus on delivering patient value with immediate status updates, a single dashboard, and programmatic labwork

After adopting Vital’s end-to-end Labs API Wyndly automated their entire at-home test kit experience. From the minute Wyndly receives an at-home test kit order until Vital delivers the results over webhook, Vital manages everything end-to-end. The Wyndly team tested and implemented Vital within 2 weeks and began making orders with a single API call. Through Vital’s dashboard, Wyndly’s operations team no longer had to waste hours tracking down test-kits but could obtain real-time updates on orders, significantly improving customer satisfaction. Vital’s lab results retrieval enabled the team to build custom lab reports giving their users more context into their results - all through one API call.


10,000+ Tests Ordered , scaling from 10s to 1000s of patients per month

Wyndly was able to scale from 10s to 1000s of patients per month with Vital's Labs API, integrating with Vital's API in 3 weeks. By integrating with Vital's API, Wyndly was able to save over $450k in engineering, operations and support costs. As well as reducing the number of support hours from 60mins per order down to few seconds on average, representing over 100x reduction in customer support hours spent on lab orders.

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