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We're a small but fast growing seed stage startup with funding from Y Combinator and other top tier funds and angels. Be part of our journey as we build out the infrastructure to deliver more personalised healthcare.


We're building the Stripe for healthcare
πŸ’» Vital is an API for at-home health data, and we are making it easy for developers to build virtual-first healthcare applications on top of our platform. We have built a wearables API and at-home Test Kit API and our current docs can be found at
❗The health technology space is exploding but companies don't have easy access to gather user's at-home health data. Data from wearables and remote monitoring devices is currently siloed with each company and getting clinical data from labs entails partnerships and outdated, tedious ordering and result processes. Both of these health data sources are needed for companies to provide clinical insights to their users and we are making that possible.
πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ Vital is the API that opens up access to this data, powering the next generation of health tech apps and revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered today.


πŸ’Ό Our current clients are in the wellness, fitness, sleep, coaching, allergy, and metabolic health spaces. We are powering these companies with clinical lab data collected from their user's home and continuous data from wearable devices, all through a few lines of code.
🧠 Our first clients have been incredibly valuable to our growth and understanding of our market and we are excited to continue learning as we grow across all health spaces.


πŸ’‰ We know health. Our team is an ex-Babylon engineer that knows the complexities of health tech integrations and an ex-HCA Healthcare ICU nurse that understands the importance of patient care, monitoring, and lab testing. We've joined forces to create a solution to help deliver personalized healthcare powered by at-home health data.

Open positions


Founder Associate

Unique opportunity for an ambitious, multi-talented individual who wants to see the inside of a fast-moving startup and work closely with the founders. The ideal candidate is a future entrepreneur or executive who is willing to work hard and do a wide variety of non-glamorous tasks for a year or two to get their foot in the door, learn, and make connections.

East Coast or London (Remote)


Operations Generalist

We are looking for someone with healthcare background or strong understanding of healthcare system to help us grow our wearables and test kit operations. If you enjoy solving logistic challenges, delighting customers, and growing projects, please apply!

East Coast or London (Remote)