At Vital, we strive to make our integration as simple as possible. As a result, we have decided to move towards using API Keys as our authentication mechanism.

Will existing authentication mechanisms still work?

Yes. Most of our users are still using the existing Client ID and Client Secret approach. This means that all our authentication mechanisms are backwards compatible. We encourage you to migrate to API Key authentication when possible. Be aware that we plan to deprecate this in the future, we will let you know when this happen.

You can still view these keys in the "Legacy Keys" section:

What do I need to do?

Log in to the [dashboard](, and navigate to the Configuration section. Under the API Keys tab, you can create new API Keys.

You can set a label for each API key so they are easy to identify. For instance, you may have an API key for your mobile app and another for your web app.

Note: we have a 3 key limit per team, per environment. Take careful note of your keys as we won't show them again.

Lastly, if you are using one of our Clients you need to pass the api_key when instantiating a Client:

client = Client(

Alternatively, you pass the x-vital-api-key in the header of your requests:

curl --request GET
  --url ''
  --header 'x-vital-api-key: <YOUR-API-KEY>'

As always, all this information and more can be found in our docs.