April Updates

April Updates
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Hey Folks,
We've got some exciting updates for the month of April. Please find the changelog below:
New features
  • Fitbit - We've now added Intraday SpO2 data for Fitbit. This can be found under the vital blood_oxygen resource. Note that Fitbit SpO2 data are only collected during a qualified sleep session. Check out the official Fitbit documentation for more details.
  • Fitbit - New provider guide for Fitbit has been created this can be found here Fitbit documentation guide.
  • Apple Healthkit - Activity timeseries data is now available. Vital sends daily.data and historical.data events for the following timeseries: Steps, Active energy burned, Basal energy burned, Distance, Floors climbed, and VO2 Max.
  • Garmin - Small amendment to Garmin docs.
  • Hypnogram timeseries data events will now be emitted via webhooks.
  • Rewrite of Lab Testing API documentation
  • Lab Testing API - is self-serve in sandbox: newly created teams will have three sample lab tests (one for each modality) to play around with the API and start their integration.
  • Lab Testing API - Vital now supports bringing your own Labcorp accounts.
Bug Fixes
  • Whoop - workouts had the wrong unit for calories - this is now fixed.
  • Apple HealthKit - No historical webhook event on timeseries data was being emitted. Previously, historical timeseries data from Apple HealthKit was not abiding to the Historical Data Flow specified in our documentation — more specifically, the historical.data.created event was not emitted on these data types. This is set to be gradually corrected in the following weeks. In other words, you will stop seeing historical timeseries data (from the initial sync) being delivered as daily.data..* events. No further action is required if you have implemented the Historical Data Flow for all Vital data types.
  • Vital previously returned user_key with all payloads as well as user_id. user_key will be deprecated on the 20th of May.
  • The date property on payloads returned from payloads like Activity, Body, Sleep, Workout date will be deprecated in favour of calendar_date on the 20th of May.
Notes If you are not interested in receiving any of the new time-series events listed above, you can make enable event-type filtering on your webhook endpoints with only the events that you are interested in. Endpoints with no filtering would by default receive everything from Vital. Thanks,
Vital team