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Buy vs Build: 6 Problems with Launching Lab Testing on Your Own

In the era of personalised healthcare, granular health insights have become crucial for companies to stay competitive. The most invasive of these insights can include blood, urine or saliva tests analyzed in labs. Whether you are a men’s health company looking to launch testosterone test kits or a diabetes management company testing for HbA1C and lipids, venturing into the realm of lab testing can be complex and fraught with challenges. This article will be your go-to-guide on the complexities of launching your own lab testing operations and may get you to think again about whether to buy vs build 😉

Vital's Hiring Manifesto

Why we wrote our Hiring Manifesto.

Founders Spotlight: Crescent Health

Founders spotlight, is a series where we interview amazing founders in the fitness and health space and discuss their motivations, struggles and visions for the future. Want to be part of the founder series email us.

April Updates

Using Machine Learning to standardize sleep scores across wearables

Sleep scores are provided by various wearable manufacturers such as Oura, Fitbit, and Whoop. They're used to signify how well you slept and usually range from 0-100. The higher the score the better you slept. We used ML to create a provider agnostic score.

Analyzing Running Scores

Runners love numbers. We love to look at how much mileage we are putting week-by-week, or how much faster we are compared to the previous month. We love to look at our resting HR and how it’s improving as we get fitter. However, numbers on their own don’t paint the full picture. We need to make sense of them.